Frequently asked questions


Do you offer free shipping?


UK orders over £60

International orders over £100-£150 depending on your region. Our prices are converted to your local currency so it may vary. 

How long does the shipping take?

We ship all of our orders within 1-3 work days. Sometimes shipping can be delayed due to holidays or high amount of orders(we are a small team). Local UK orders are usually delivered within 2 working days(we aim for next day delivery). Overseas orders usually 1-2 weeks (we aim 3-5 business days, but it really depends on your location). 

Will my order have tracking info?

Yes. All of the customers that made on our website will receive tracking number as soon as the parcel was shipped out.

What shipping company do you use?

Usually 24hrs next day Royal Mail for domestic orders. For bigger orders UPS express. Please keep in mind that for international orders Royal Mail transfers it's shipments to different couriers depending on your country. That information is updated on the website with your tracking number.

What do I do if my parcel never arrived?
Is my order being shipped with insurance?
Yes. Every order is fully insured in case it's lost in transit. You can receive the compensation by getting in touch with Royal Mail and providing your tracking number and order details. Please follow their instructions.

How do you pack your orders?

We ship all of our orders in a thick poly bag made from eco friendly, recycled materials.

Will I need to pay customs?

Only if you're not based in the UK, but even then - not all the time. Some of our overseas customers told us that they did not need to pay anything after receiving their order.

Is it possible to purchase clothes in person?

Yes, you can purchase/ collect them at tattoo studio called avid ink in Sheffield, uk. Please get in touch with them for more info:


How often do you release new clothes?

Our goal is to release something new every 3-4 months. Unfortunately us being a new/ small start up company things still get delayed.

How good is your garment quality?

The best. No joke - we are aiming for the best quality in the market.

I want to purchase your hoodie but it's a bit expensive :(

We understand that our hoodies and t-shirts are not as cheap as in bigger shopping chains. We are releasing very limited quantity, complex, high quality garments that's why cost of making them is high. Most big chains buy thousands of items that's why they get better deals from manufacturers and can reduce prices to general public - crushing small businesses. But usually their quality does not stand up to our standards that's why we believe we can provide a lot better quality products and top customer service.

Do you do sales?

Yes! 5 - 7 times a year we do big sales offering up to -50% off to most of our products.

Can I exchange my order to different size?

Yes, only if it wasn't extensively worn, damaged or haven't had it's tag removed. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Do you have sizing chart?

Yes! Every product has it's sizing info on it's page